Hainanlife Community How to add your materials

How to add your materials

Our portal is an open online platform. What does that mean in practice? It means that it has been created so that Hainan lovers, enthusiasts and experts can freely share their information, comments, tips, photos, videos or make recommendations to other users on interesting or well-known tourist sites or everyday amenities.

How do you share your information?

After registration on our site (a very simple procedure involving entering your name and a pseudonym) there are just two steps:

On the main page click on your icon in the top right corner

Then a menu will appear

Select from 'Upload item' what you would like to upload. The icons are (from left to right): venue, article, event, photo, video. For example, if you want to add an article, then please select the second icon from the left.

Then fill in the form as fully as possible of the items you wish to upload and press 'Create' at the bottom right of the form.

Your items will first be passed to us for approval. We shall refuse to upload advertisements unauthorised by the Editors of Hainan Life, spam, threats, insults, improprieties as well as extremist views and any other information unacceptable to the Chinese government.

All other information that you contribute will be gratefully received and will be shared on our site using your name. For your contribution you will receive points (please click here to learn more about this: https://hainanlife.ru/commonwealth_hnl/procedure_for_promotion/). Accruing points will raise the level of your membership with Hainan Life and therefore will entitle you to more discounts and offers from our site's partners.