Hainanlife Community Notice to members

Notice to members

Dear friends,

Our portal was created with two aims in mind:

  1. To create a data base on Hainan which offers as reliable, full and up-to-date information as possible;
  2. To provide a convenient forum for members to communicate and to enjoy access to offers, discounts and other attractive benefits.

Having registered as a user on our website you will immediately become the recipient of Standard membership of the Hainan Life Community. Your membership card can be downloaded onto your mobile telephone or desktop at any time. You will be entitled to enjoy the basic discounts offered by our partners. For a list of our constantly evolving range of partners please click here: Partners

We welcome you to take an active part in the portal by adding information to the site and receiving points for your contributions. For the rules of the site please click here: Contributors promotion. After receiving 300 points for your contributions your membership level will be upgraded to Silver which will entitle you to various discounts and benefits from our partners. When you have earned 500 points you will become a Gold member and receive the biggest discounts and other benefits from our partners.

Feel free to have a look at the information on our main page. Our partners often organise competitions with big prizes to be won. You, too, could be a winner!

Feel free to recommend suppliers of quality goods and services as one of our partners. For each partner whom you recommend you will be awarded 50 points.

Please be aware that Hainan is our first but not only project. We are already setting up websites covering other provinces of China. Members' benefits will be transferred to these regions. So, please keep an eye on our site for more information!