About Hainan Facts about Hainan

Facts about Hainan

  1. Hainan is the smallest province in the People’s Republic of China. It comprises a territory of 33,920 sq.km. The second-largest island after Taiwan, Hainan does, in contrast, boast the largest sea territory of any province at some million sq. km. and is home to various island chains such as the Spratlys, the Paracels and the Zhongsha Islands.
  2. Hainan is the least populated province in China with a permanent population averaging eight million.
  3. Hainan is the only place in China which is home to the ancient Li people – an ethnic group indigenous to the island believed to have originated in the Guangxi region.
  4. Hainan’s inhabitants are known for their longevity, with more than one thousand centenarians living here.
  5. At Hainan’s Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Zone can be found the largest statue of Guanyin or Mother Buddha anywhere in the world at 108 metres high.
  6. Hainan is classed as a special economic zone along with Xiamen, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.
  7. At present, Hainan is the largest special economic zone in China.
  8. Hainan offers the longest and widest beaches in China, up to a kilometre wide and up to several tens of kilometres long.
  9. Hainan is surrounded by the South China Sea – the deepest sea in China.
  10. Hainan’s Spratly island chain is the largest archipelago in China.
  11. Hainan prides itself on having the largest per capita number of palm trees in China.
  12. The first cocoa trees in China were grown in Hainan. They were introduced in 1954.
  13. Hainan is home to China’s largest rubber plantations at 4,000 mu (Chinese acres) or approximately 266 hectares.
  14. The bulk of China’s rubber production takes place in Hainan – two-thirds of China’s total.
  15. At 70 different varieties, Hainan is home to the greatest number of wild animals in China.
  16. Hainan is also host to the largest number of wild birds in China at 340 types.
  17. The longest vine in the world - at 500 metres - can be found growing on the island of Hainan.
  18. In Hainan can be found the greatest variety of sea cucumbers between 60 and 70 centimetres long and 10 centrimetres thick. The longest example ever discovered here was 120 centimetres long.
  19. The oldest sea turtle was discovered in the waters around Hainan, which was estimated by scientists to be more than 300 years old.
  20. China’s largest pearl was cultured in Hainan. It measured 15.5 cm. by 19 cm.
  21. China’s finest pearl was found in Hainan.