About Hainan Lifehucks


Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police: 110 (free of charge)
Police (text messaging service): 12110
Ambulance: 120 (free of charge)
Fire Service: 119 (free of charge)
Road Traffic Police: 122
Coast Guard: 12395

Note: 110 can be used in any emergency situation


Hainan Airlines: 950718
Air China: 95583
China Eastern Airlines: 95583
Southern Airlines: 400-669-5539

Questions and Complaints

Directory Enquiries: 114
Weather Report: 12121
Report Defective Goods: 12315
Price Complaints: 12358
Post Codes: 184
Rail Enquiries: 12306
Civil Aviation Enquiries: 950137
General Information: 12580, 118114 (you can connect with any company, reserve a hotel room, book a taxi etc. This service will be charged.)


Bank of China: 95566
China Everbright Bank: 95595
Bank of Communications: 95559
China Construction Bank: 95533
Agricultural Bank of China: 95599
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: 95588
Standard Chartered Bank: 800-820-8088
City Bank: 800-830-1880
HSBC: 800-820-8828

Note: almost all banks offer an English-speaking service.

Mobile Telephone Companies

China Mobile: 10086
China Unicom: 10010
China Telecom: 10000


All numbers above are free of charge unless otherwise stated. They all offer an English-language service
For international calls made through China Mobile please first dial 12593 followed by the receiver’s number. For national calls in China please first dial 1795.